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Once we reach our target of 10.000 members, we'll permanently close subscriptions!

Automatic buy/sell

Don’t panic if you cannot check your screen all the time. The app will buy and sell for you automatically according to your settings.

Define your strategies easily

Set as many ranges as you want. Define your buying/selling settings, validate and you are done!

Or copy professional trader strategies

Don’t spend time detecting ranges. Our professional traders will detect ranges for you! With a simple click, copy their ranges and make money!

Some of our happy customers share their results

A video is worth a thousand words

Watch to discover the power of the Trading Range tool in only 2 minutes! In no time, you will easily optimize your profits with minimal action. Just set your ranges and relax, the tool will do the job for you. This is the best way to make profit with little trading knowledge! It doesn’t matter if the market is at a good or bad time, you’ll always have ups and downs. So, creating ranges is the perfect solution to make profit in all situations.”

Our Story

During our years of experience in crypto currency trading, we have developed several methods and strategies to optimize our earnings.
We have also implemented them into a very simple but ultra efficient computerized tool! We have been using it for years, both for us and our customers, with incredible results!
After careful consideration we have decided to share our tool with everyone. In just a few months nearly ten thousand members took out a subscription with us. It was crazy!
We are limiting our tool to just 10.0000 members and we are already approximately 9.900 subscribers! For our last 100 members, we want to do something special, we offer an exclusive 75% discount!

So, if you want to get incredible results too, hurry up! There won’t be enough for everyone!


Payment plans



$49.99 /month

  • One Month Subscription
  • 10 Ranges opened simultaneously



$199.99 /month

  • One Month Subscription
  • Unlimited Ranges opened simultaneously



$1199 /lifetime
$299 /lifetime
(With referral link)



$1199 /lifetime
$599 /lifetime
(Without referral link)

  • Lifetime subscription
  • Unlimited ranges opened simultaneously


Is your tool secure?

A dedicated security team is managing and scanning our tool 24/24 7/7 365 days per year.
They are specialized in security and they continuously apply best practices to assure a safe and secure tool for us and our customers.

On which platform is your tool working?

We focus to work with the best platform exchange possible. Binance is for us, and thousands of other people, the best platform exchange.
That is why we have developed our tool based on this exchange. We also plan to extend to other exchanges in the near future.

Are you holding customer’s crypto currencies?

Absolutely not. We are just a tool. Our tool is securely linked to your exchange account. We cannot do anything on your crypto currency account.

What are your next features?

We plan to share professional strategies to set powerful ranges. We also plan to extend our tool to other exchange platforms.
These will be our next improved releases but we have plenty of other ideas we cannot divulge yet! A lot of surprises are coming, don’t worry!